We believe in developing strong interpersonal relationships at the work place so that team energy is able to melt all bottlenecks. As a team we believe in continuous learning and value the ideas and contributions of colleagues and clients. The leadership team proudly shares a sense of purpose and invests in accomplishing META’s mission and goals.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

He began his IT career in the document processing industry in 1998, solving problems for industry across India. Over the years, he has worked with technology systems integrator and product companies. Rakesh has worked with large multinational software companies and has gained hands-on technical experience by managing and delivering software development projects for the services industry. His passion for process, an eye for detail and impeccable track record has steered to a new height. Mr. Rakesh received a Masters degree in IT and an MBA from Symbiosis University, Pune.

Mr. Arun Kumar Lal

Arun Kumar Lal is a retired banker. He has more than 35 years of experience in financial management and banking sector. He has considerable financial acumen and his wisdom is an added value to .

Ms. Kanchan Rakesh

Kanchan provides strategic leadership for all HR functions at , including organization development, performance management, recruitment, compliance, legal, employee relations, and benefits management. She has more than 11 years experience in corporate strategy. She has worked in a range of industries from FMCG, manufacturing to agriculture based industry. Ms Kanchan earned an MSc in management at EM Lyon at Lyon in France specializing in Corporate Strategy and Business Development. The global exposure of Ms Kanchan makes her design GLOCAL solutions for all businesses as today or tomorrow all businesses have to survive amidst global competition.

Mrs. Shalani Rajesh

Shalini has been with us since the inception of our company she has a degree in Law as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration from Sydney Australia. She looks after the legal part of .